1. Last hit out for the crew before the FFF Southern Council Fly Fishing Fair Fri night Sat & Sunday. Flytying fly fishing casting classes and much more. Going to be a heck of a weekend. #flyfishingnation #mayflymafia @rioproducts @howlerbros @simmsfishing

  2. Playing with new editing app for the S5. Original pic also on feed #whiteriver #arkansaslife #flyfishing #buffalocity #throwdafilter #snapseed #flyfishingnation #anotherdayintheoffice

  3. Madison meets another brown trout. #dogsthatfish #flyfishing #whiteriver

  4. Blane Chocklett’s Body Wrap from Hareline. The best for the Gamechanger. #articulationnation #streamereater

  5. When we aren’t at home. #secretbuds #flyshopdog #aplaceinthesun #madison #rudi @rabeccadally

  6. First of the season. #tarantula #aphonopelmahentzi #roamingforromance

  7. Chad Johnson’s Freaky Frog tying video now live http://www.youtube.com/watch?V=ZBoVClj2rqs
    #bassflies #flytying #frogs @ctj0907 @simmsfishing @rioproducts

  8. carpyrich:

    What an epic photo!

  9. hunterwriterer:

    Trout are beautiful. (via thewatershedmag)

  10. uispeccoll:

    Here we have a lovely pocket edition of The Compleat Angler printed in 1825 in London by William Pickering.  Both an author and biographer, Izaak Walton’s (1593-1683) first edition of of The Compleat Angler was printed in 1653.  He produced a second edition almost immediately after in 1655.  In this second edition we see the format that subsequent editions have kept.  Walton wrote the book as a dialogue between travelers who practiced different forms of recreation: Piscator (fisherman), Venator (hunter), and Auceps (falconer).  Piscator teaches his companions the art of fishing and how its practice leads to a more meaningful life.  Walton continued to revise and reissue his work throughout his lifetime.  His friend Charles Cotton (1630-1687) worked on the piece as well, producing part two and finishing the text we are familiar with today.  

    To get a sense of how small this book is I’ve included a few dry flies: a wooly bugger (fuzzy green one), a purple haze, and a CDC(cul de canard) Elk Hair caddis (small tan and orange one).


    799.12 W239 c1825